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IFM is committed to providing outstanding plans, services, and equipment for all your company's oil filtration and flushing needs.

Turnkey Reliability

Industrial Fluid Management (IFM), a division of Gaubert Oil Company, specializes in lubrication related products and services for the industrial, marine, oil & gas, petrochemical, and refining markets. IFM leverages over 95 years in the lubrication industry to offer lubrication solutions with an unmatched level of expertise, safety, and quality.

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Equipment Rental

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  • Filtration Equipment

    Filter carts, filtration skids, replacement filter elements.

  • Vacuum Dehydrators

    NEMA 4 and NEMA 7 VDOPS in various flow rates.

  • Ancillary Equipment

    Automatic lubricators, desiccant breathers, lubricant storage.

  • Rental Equipment

    Authorized rental representative for Oil Filtration Systems.

  • Lube-Power, Inc.

    Manufacturer of high-quality lube oil systems and components.

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Our Clients

We work with reliability and maintenance professionals from industry leading manufacturers to improve equipment reliability through quality lubrication.


“IFM took care of my headaches right from the start. While they are not as experienced, they learned quickly and did a commendable job. They could expand their services, but their documentation was better than average, and the overall experience was satisfactory.”
— Michael Jones, Chief Technology Officer, IAC
“I couldn't be happier with IFM Services—so much so that I'd give them a perfect 10 for their work and another 10 for how likely I am to recommend them. Right from the start, they were super easy to work with, very accommodating, and bang on schedule. What really impressed me was their ability to do real-time oil analysis right there on the site, providing immediate, transparent documentation. We hit a minor bump with some leftover water in a tank, but they sorted it out swiftly without burdening me with extra paperwork. Plus, having one of the owners on-site really sealed the deal for me; his expertise and hands-on approach added an extra layer of trust. If you're looking for a maintenance service that's professional, efficient, and transparent, IFM Services is the way to go.”
— Raymond Garcia, Maintenance Manager, Weyerhaeuser

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Learn how IFM's team of experienced lubrication professionals can deliver TurnKey reliability to your equipment operations.

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  • Preventive Maintenance: Learn best practices to extend equipment life and reduce costs.
  • Safety Protocols: Stay updated on guidelines to protect both people and machinery.
  • Case Studies: Gain insights from real-world equipment failures to avoid similar issues.
  • Tech Advancements: Discover emerging technologies like IoT and AI that can revolutionize maintenance.
  • Regulatory Updates: Keep abreast of new laws and industry standards to ensure compliance.
  • And more!

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