9 Reasons Why Turnaround is the Perfect Time to Assess Machine Lubrication Needs

Turnarounds, those meticulously planned interruptions in a facility’s operations, are more than just periods of maintenance. They represent a critical juncture in the lifecycle of any manufacturing or processing facility, a window of opportunity to optimize and assess. One of the quintessential aspects that often gets sidelined, yet holds paramount importance, is machine lubrication. Minimized…

Planning your next Turnaround with Reliability in Mind

With the 2021 turnaround season quickly approaching, I thought that it might be helpful to point out some key activities to consider as you finalize your plans. While turnaround budgets can be tight especially in our current economic environment, the downstream effects of poor lubrication can impact as much as 30% of a total plant maintenance budget. The following article covers some areas to consider as you plan your next turnaround with reliability in mind