Reliability Through Quality Lubrication

Quality lubrication and contamination control is an essential part of any plant’s performance. With so many other daily challenges and tasks that go into running a plant, maintenance superintendents and reliability engineers often struggle to make lubrication best practices a focus within their organization. IFM recognizes this challenge and responded to this need in the industry by offering our turn-key Lubrication Program Management services.

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Contracted Lubrication Technicians

IFM will work with your maintenance and reliability engineering team to identify your current program’s strengths and identify areas of improvement.

Areas of focus includes:

  • Contamination Control
  • Lube Room Organization
  • Product handling practices
  • Lube Route Planning and Documentation
  • Product Consolidation
  • & more

Working closely with your maintenance, engineering, safety, and procurement team, IFM will develop a plan and detailed proposal including all equipment, training, software, PPE and personnel needed to implement and maintain a world class lubrication program.

IFM will carefully plan a transition after which IFM personnel will assume responsibility for all lubrication activities including:

  • Lube Room Management
  • Lube Route Planning
  • Oil Changes
  • Greasing
  • Oil Filtration & Dehydration
  • Oil Sampling & Analysis
  • Equipment tagging
  • Auto-Lubricator Maintenance


IFM utilizes the latest in lubrication management technology in order to:

  • Manage and plan lube routes
  • Document all work being performed in the field
  • Generate reports for client review
  • Communicate with engineering and maintenance on action items
  • CMMS Integrated Oil Analysis Reports and Action Items

IFM offers a Turn-Key Lubrication Program Management Service

  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Decrease downtime due to lubrication related failures
  • Extend equipment component life
  • Dedicated group of STLE and ICML Certified Lubrication Technicians focused on lubrication excellence
  • Managed by IFM’s team of Certified Lubricant Specialists and engineering team
  • Supported by Gaubert Oil’s 93 years in the lubrication business

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