Why Oil Analysis?

Oil analysis is an important tool to help maintenance and reliability professionals track the performance of their lubricants and analyze the overall health of their equipment. While there are a variety of tests that can be performed to monitor wear, contamination, oxidation, water content, and many other performance characteristics of a lubricant, the collection, and interpretation of the oil analysis data will determine how beneficial your program is to your operation.

IFM maintains a dedicated team of oil sampling professionals to ensure proper oil sampling. Proper oil sampling is critical to effective monitoring and diagnosing of your critical lubricated turbomachinery.

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Oil Analysis Testing

We measure the performance of our oil analysis partners based on the following criteria:

  • Consistency and Repeatability
  • Sample Turnover Time
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Innovation / Technology
  • Baseline Data / Product Familiarity

Our Oil Analysis Lab Partners

IFM partners with only the most respected oil analysis laboratories in the world.

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Sample Quality & Consistency

One of the biggest contributing factors in the overall success of an oil analysis program is the quality of the sample. Depending on the sample location, equipment, and method of taking a sample, the results of an oil analysis sample can vary greatly. While there are a few different methods of taking a sample, having a Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) technician to take consistent quality samples is very important.

IFM offers a turn-key oil sampling and analysis program service including:

  • Certified and Trained Lubrication Technicians to pull samples
  • OMA Certified Oil Monitoring Analysts to interpret sample results
  • Improved Sample Quality & Consistency
  • Sample Port and Equipment Modifications
  • Corrective Action Recommendations

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