Project Spotlight
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Noranda Alumina

  • Industry : Alumina Refinery
  • OEM : GE
  • System : Gas Turbine
  • Service : Chemical Cleaning

The Problem

Approximately 800 linear feet of 8″ piping had been abandoned and left open in a very corrosive environment for approximately 18 months. This water was critical to the cooling water system on a Gas Turbine that IFM had previously performed a high velocity oil flush on. Since IFM successfully preformed the flush on this system, the customer chose IFM to perform a chemical cleaning to remove the rust and contamination from the abandoned piping system.

Our Solution

IFM used sulfamic acid to remove the rust and contamination from the piping and sodium nitrite to passivate the system ensuring years of rust free use of the piping. A properly sized flushing system was critical to the success of this project. Upon completion of the project, IFM neutralized the cleaning solution and properly disposed of the waste. IFM offerschemical cleaning services to remove harmful rust, varnish, and other deposits found on the internal surfaces of piping systems. While we typically offer this service as a turn-key package paired with either a varnish removal or high-velocity oil flush, our team of experience pre-commissioning service experts have the experience to provide turn-key chemical cleaning services for a variety of applications.