Project Spotlight
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  • Industry : Alumina Refinery
  • OEM : GE
  • System : Gas Turbine
  • Service : HVOF

The Problem

During the fabrication and installation process, lube oil supply and return lines will accumulate harmful contaminants such as welding slagmetal shavings, dirt, water, and other enviromental contaminants. Failure to remove these contaminants prior to system start up can result in damage to journal bearings and prevent the system from maintaining the OEM’s ISO 4406 specification for fluid cleanliness.

Our Solution

IFM was contracted to perform a high velocity oil flush to remove all contaminants prior to commissioning start-up.

After all jumpers and equipment were installed, standard flushing tactics including sparging, mechanical knocking on pipes, and thermocycles were utilized until clean screens were achieved within 5 days of mobilization. After two consecutive clean screens were achieved, the reservior was pumped down and a confined space entry cleaning of the system reservoir was performed to remove all gross contamination from the tank. The oil was pumped back into the system and filtered until an ISO 4406 16/14/11 cleanliness code was achieved.

Added Value

To provide more value to this customer, Gaubert Oil supplies Chevron ISOCLEAN Certified GST Oil 32 for all subsequent fills for this system. This product has been pre-filtered using Chevron’s proprietary filtration methods to ensure that the lubricant arrives on site meeting the OEM’s ISO 4406 cleanliness specification.