Project Spotlight
Nucor Steel Brandenburg Featured Image

Nucor Steel Brandenburg

  • Industry : Steel Mill
  • System : Lube Oil Systems
  • Services : HVOF/Chemical Cleaning


The Problem

During the fabrication and installation process, lube oil supply and return lines will accumulate harmful contaminants, such as welding slagmetal shavings, dirt, water, and other environmental contaminants. Failure to remove these contaminants prior to system start-up can result in damage to journal bearings and prevent the system from maintaining the OEM’s ISO 4406 specification for fluid cleanliness.


The Solution

After all jumpers and equipment were installed, air tests were performed on the system to check for leaks. IFM technicians then established circulation and began the chemical cleaning process. From there, the degreasing process began. After removing the degreaser, a freshwater rinse ensued and was followed by the acid stage and the de-watering phase. Upon completion of the cleaning phase of the project, technicians began the high velocity hot oil flush. Standard flushing tactics including sparging, mechanical knocking on pipes, and thermocycles were utilized until clean screens were achieved within 5 days of the project start. After two consecutive clean screens were achieved, oil was pumped back into the system and filtered, and the ISO PC Class 4 cleanliness code was achieved.