Project Spotlight
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Featured Image

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Industry : Military
  • OEM : Philadelphia / Harnischfeger
  • System : Lock and Dam
  • Service : Gear Box Flush

Scope of Work

IFM was contracted to flush 69 gear boxes throughout three separate dams on the Mississippi River.

Our Solution

Due to the high water levels and the configuration of each lock and dam IFM had to utilize a crane barge to get all of the oil and equipment to the top of each dam. Once the equipment was place at each dam IFM added a flushing compound to each gear box and the gear box was cycled for 24 hours. After the flushing compound was cycled through each gear box the oil was then drained and refilled with new oil. Each gear box was also inspected for mechanical defects and structural integrity. This process ensured not only the longevity of the equipment but also the safety of the citizens living along the Mississippi river ensuring that the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is able to maintain a safe water level.